Here are some of the secondary sources that I am aware of for Dune, by Frank Herbert. It includes the books, theses and dissertations. There are also URL links for some of the more interesting sources on the web I am aware of, with brief descriptions of what is linked to. Please feel free to add to this if you know of any sources that are not listed here. I have done my best to give a sense of order to this material, but I apologize now if it seems disorganized. This seems best to me for the electronic medium, though.

NOTE: To make it easier to get the list started, I only put the most important cites, and deliberately did not include smaller works that are cited within them. So have fun mining all of these! I certainly did! One day I plan on having everything listed and linked, so please check back occasionally.

Finally, I have a TON of stuff in print, unbound, with no URL, that I have copied from a variety of sources over the years. One day I will catalogue it all and post it. I had some fun getting this stuff all together, so maybe Ill get motivated to do it soon.


Allen, L. David, Cliffsnotes Dune and other Works. 1972, Cliffs Notes, ISBN 0822004194.

Ben-Tov, Sharona, The Artificial Paradise: Science Fiction and American Reality. Collected in Studies in Literature and Science. Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan Press, 1995, ISBN 0472105809. This item is reviewed here.

Grazier, Kevin, The Science of Dune: An Unauthorized Exploration into the Real Science behind Frank Herbert's Fictional Universe. 2008, Benbella Books, ISBN 1933771283.

Hassler, Donald M. (editor) and Clyde Wilcox, Political Science Fiction. 1996, University of South Carolina Press, ISBN 1570031134. This broad work discusses some of Herbert's ideas, but is not focused on Dune or FH in particular.

Herbert, Brian, Dreamer of Dune: The Biography of Frank Herbert, 2004, TOR Books, New York, ISBN 0765306476.

Herbert, Herbert & Anderson, The Road to Dune. 2005, TOR Books, New York, ISBN 0765353709.

Herbert, Frank, edited by Brian Herbert, Songs of Muad'dib. 1992, Ace Trade Books, New York, ISBN 044177427X. (This is a book of poetry and songs taken, I believe, from the Dune works as well as from the notes of Herbert, and published after his death by his son, Brian).

Herbert, Frank, edited by Brian Herbert, The Notebooks of Frank Herbert's Dune. 1988. Perigree Trade Books. Note: I have also seen the name Jaramillo Raquel associated with this work as an editor. (This book is a collection of Frank Herbert's more sage and well known pearls, including various epigraphs, the Litany Against Fear, etc).

Herbert, Frank and SparkNotes editors, SparkNotes Dune. 2003, SparkNotes, ISBN 1586635107. This series is a competitor of Cliff's Notes. An electronic copy can be found here.

Levack, Daniel (with annotations by Willard, Mark), Dune Master: A Frank Herbert Bibliography. 1988, Meckler Publishing, Westport, Conn. ISBN not printed on item. (This is a commercial bibliography, and is reviewed here

Miller, David M., Frank Herbert, Starmont Readers Guide 5. 1980, Starmont House, Mercer Island, WA ISBN 0-916732-16-9. This item is reviewed here.

McNelly, Willis (ed.), Dune Encyclopedia. Berkely Books, New York, 1984, ISBN 0425068137. A PDF can be found here (please allow time for this large document to load).

Naha, Ed, The Making of Dune. Berkely Trade paperback, 1984. This work is a movie tie-in with the Lynch film.

O'Reilly, Tim, Frank Herbert. 1981, Frederick Unger Publishing, New York ISBN 080442666X. Its available in ebook form here.. This item is reviewed here.

O'Reilly, Tim (ed.), Frank Herbert: The Maker of Dune: Insights of a Master of Science Fiction. 1987, Berkely, New York, ISBN 0425097854.

Palumbo, Donald E., Chaos Theory, Asimov's Foundations and Robots and Herbert's Dune: The Fractal Aesthetic of Epic Science Fiction. 2003, Greenwood Press, ISBN 0313311897. Here is a link to buy the article excerpt from a site that archives Extrapolation magazine.

Prosser, Harold Lee, Frank Herbert: Prophet of Dune. 1998, Borgo Press, ISBN 0893702196. Per Robert Reginald, the editor-in-chief of Borgo, this book was commissioned by Borgo and a manuscript was delivered. However, before the publication date Borgo folded, and the manuscript was returned to Prosser. Though I do not know for sure, it appears that this book was never published in any other form or under any other title. I have been advised that Prosser is likely deceased now, but I am continuing to search for either Prosser or his estate's executor. If anyone knows where I can find Prosser or contact his estate, please let me know.

Siegel, Mark R., Gernsback, Hugo, Father of Modern Science Fiction: With Essays on Frank Herbert & Bram Stoker, 1988. Borgo Press, ISBN 0893702749

Stephensen-Payne, Phil, Frank Herbert: A Voice from the Desert. Date unknown, Galactic Central Publishing, ISBN 1871133270 (this is a commercial bibliography only).

Touponce, William F, Frank Herbert. 1988, Twayne Publishers ISBN 0805775145. Here is a link to an electronic copy of Touponce's resume.

Van Hise, James and Michael D. Messina, The Secrets of Frank Herbert's Dune. 2000, I Books, ISBN 074340730X. This is a book and a DVD about the making of the first miniseries.

Weedman, Jane Branham, Women Worldwalkers: New Dimensions of Science Fiction and Fantasy (Comparative Literature). 1986, Texas Tech University Press, (ISBN 0896721337), including Miriam Youngerman Miller's Women of Dune: Frank Herbert as Social Reactionary, p. 181. This book is not about FH or Dune in particular, but does discuss some of the feminist virtues and shortfalls of the Dune books.


There is also rumored to be a book coming out next year by LegendMaker Scriptoria that is apparently titled The Synopsis Treasury of Science Fiction & Fantasy, which will include letters that Frank Herbert exchanged with Damon Knight in the 1960's. I have no other information on this book right now, as the publisher will not return my e-mails, and it is not yet listed on thier website. UPDATE: I have spoken to the author, C.S. Haviland, and he has indeed confirmed that this book will include items from FH's estate, including correspondence between Herbert and Knight. This is going to be a huge book that includes synopses and story pitches from the following authors: H. G. Wells, Robert A. Heinlein, Andre Norton, Jack Williamson, Frederik Pohl, Ben Bova, Terry Brooks, Piers Anthony, Orson Scott Card, David Brin, Connie Willis, David Drake, L. E. Modesitt, Kevin J. Anderson (arg!), Joe Haldeman, Sara Douglass, and various others. According to Haviland he is gathering various permissions from agents for the following who may be included in the book: Isaac Asimov, E. E. "Doc" Smith, Arthur C. Clarke, Jack Vance, Robert Silverberg, Keith Laumer, Roger Zelazny, Brian W. Aldiss, Philip K. Dick, Poul Anderson, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. , Chad Oliver, John Brunner, James Blish, Harry Harrison, Gordon R. Dickson, Philip Jose Farmer, and others. He plans on publishing this year, but is having trouble getting agents to respond to him, and is still shopping for a publisher. Ill let you know if this comes out.


Barlowe, Wayne Douglas, Ian Summers & Beth Meacham, Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials: Great Aliens from Science Fiction Literature. 1978, Workman Publishing Company, ISBN 0894803247. Contains a drawing and a very brief description of a Guild Steersman.

Silerman, Maida and Frank Herbert, illustrated by Daniel Kirk, Dune Pop-Up Panorama Book. 1984, Grosset & Dunlap, ISBN unknown.

Vinge, Joan D., The Dune Storybook. 1984, Putnam Children's Books, ISBN 0399129499. This is a children's adaptation of the 1984 movie, but I have read somewhere that FH was involved in the production of this book. I have not yet confirmed whether or not Vinge is the author of The Snow Queen, a SF masterpiece novel that has been compared in complexity to Dune many times by many different critics.

Weiner, Ellis, Doon. 1984, Pocket Books, ISBN 0671541447.


Dune Comic Book, 1985, Berkely, ISBN 0425076237.

Macchio, Ralph & Frank Herbert, Illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz, Dune, The Offical Comic Book. 1984, Marvel Comics, ISBN unknown. Three issue adaptation of the 1984 film.


Brown, Michael D., Welcome Bedfellows: Science Fiction Texts and their Cinematic Adaptations (Frank Herbert, Philip K. Dick, David Lynch, Ridley Scott), 1978, Utah State University.

Estopy, Tai, The Fair Sex?: A Look at Gender Issues in Frank Herbert's Dune Trilogy." Fulbright College, 2004.

Gass, Louise Horchler, Leadership in Frank Herbert's Dune. I know nothing more about this piece, but suspect it is either a master's thesis or dissertation. I am constantly on the lookout for this work.

Knezkova, Klara, Frank Herbert's Heroines: Female Characters in Dune and Its Film Adaptations, Masaryk University, Brno (Czech Republic), 2007.

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Silliman, Barbara, Conserving the Balance: Frank Herbert's Dune as Propaganda, 1996, University of Rhode Island. This item is available on line for a fee here.

Smith, Mary Ronella, Dune: More than Genre Fiction, 1992, East Carolina University.

Winzenz, Judith, Messiah and the Bible in Frank Herbert's Dune, Date unknown, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh.


Science Fiction Studies has lots of articles on both Frank Herbert and the Dune series, and their search engine is not half-bad.

Brennan, Kristen. This is an interesting take on FH as Lucas' muse. Unfortunately, this site has gone away. I think that the author is trying to publish. Until her book comes out, here is a link to a cached version. EDIT: There still is not a book published, but someone has swiped the FH page alone. It can be found here. I also recently found a link to the whole thing again. Its mostly about the use of myth in Star Wars, but as her theory is that Dune was a huge source for Lucas, there is plenty on Dune on these pages.

Daniels, Joseph M., The stars and planets of Frank Herbert's Dune: A Gazetteer, 1999, Dune Italia.

DiTommaso, Lorenzo, History and Historical Effect in Frank Herbert's Dune from SFS.

Engleson, Mark J., Heros and Society in Dune.

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Gough, Noel, Democracy, global transitions, and education: using speculative fictions as thought experiments in anticipatory critical inquiry, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia.

Grigsby, John L. Herbert's Reversal of Asimov's Vision Reassessed: Foundation's Edge and God Emperor of Dune (abstract), Science Fiction Studies, Vol 11, number 33.

Kimmel, Leigh, Decentralization of Political Structures Beyond the Planetary Level in Dune and Left Hand of Darkness, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1986 (undergrad).

Kucera, Paul Q. Listening to Ourselves: Herbert's Dune, "the Voice," and Performing the Absolute, Extrapolation Vol 42 Issue 3 (2001): pp 232-234.

McLean, Susan A Psychological Approach to Fantasy in the Dune Series, 23 Extrapolation 150 (Summer 1982).

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Parkerson, Ronny W et al, Semantics, General Semantics, and Ecology in Frank Herbert's Dune, Concord Vol 55 Issue 3 (1998): pp 317-329. Here is a link to where this article may be purchased inexpensively.

Pierrehumbert, R. T., Science Fiction Atmospheres, The University of Chicago, October 11, 2005.

Schaeffer, George, Dune: The Messiah as Corruptor, 1993.

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Stratton, Susan, The Messiah and the Greens: The Shape of Environment Action in Dune and Pacific Edge, Extrapolation Vol 42 Issue 4 (2001): pp 303-316. Pay-site.

van Leeuwen, Marco, The Ecology of the Dune Saga. I am not sure if this was ever published anywhere other than, but Mr. van Leeuwen's homepage can be found here.

Williams, Kevin, Imperialism & Globalization: Lessons from Frank Herbert's Dune, date and source unknown.

Zap, Johnathan, A Few Thoughts on Mind Parasites. There are different versions of this article floating around out there.


Dune Genesis article.


Turner and MacKenzie interviews, more commonly known as the Vertex Interviews.

The Plowboy Interview.

McNelly interview. The missing page, p. 32, can be found here

Link to a TV interview on Dune Italia.

Taped interview of FH and David Lynch. I am unable to find this item on Amazon, even with the ISBN. However, I just bought this on eBay, and will update this link with information once I've received it and listened to it.

Interview noted to be in Issue #9 of Science Fiction: A Review of Speculative Fiction Magazine. I have never read this interview, and I have never before now heard of this Australian magazine. I have sent a note to the editor asking for an electronic or photocopy. If anyone out there has this issue, would you please PM me?

Very brief article on an interview with Lurton Blasingame, FH's agent.

You Tube interview clip.

Henderson, Chris. Frank Herbert: From the Otherworldly Visions of 'Dune' to the Terrestrial Holocaust of 'The White Plague, Starlog Magazine, January, 1983, Vol. 6, number 66, pp. 24-26.


This is definately the go to site for Dune converstation these days. Anyone may join, the rules are few, and the company is great. Give this one a try first, then go on to others.

House Atreides' new home. Older posts are still archived on the old board, which can be found here.

Arrakeen: Formerly was one of the more popular fan posting sites. Has become overmoderated, and the boardware is seriously out of date.

DunePedia, a newish Dune Wiki.

FED2K is primarily a computer gaming forum, but it centers around the various Dune games and has other non-gaming sections.

Alt.Dune.Fan: Very active at times.

The Landsraad: Mixed content from the books (new and old) as well as the movies and mini-series.

Dune Behind the Scenes: Interesting site with a very different theme.

Dune Wiki

Dune Universe at the Wikipedia:

Cave of Birds:

Dune Oddessey Apparently no longer moderated or maintained.

The Fish Speaker: Site is no longer maintained, but a link to the archives is on the main page.


Children of Dune miniseries soundtrack.

Dune miniseries soundtrack.

1984 Dune music score.

1984 Dune soundtrack.

Dave Matthews' (no, not that Dave Matthews) musical interpretation of Frank Herbert's Dune.


Fan art page.


Article about regrowing body parts.

This is not from Dune, but with his earlier novel Dragon Under the Sea, Herbert influenced the invention of the Dracone Barge.


Dune inspired contact lenses.

Dune inspired ring.

Dune models.


University of Chicago list of talking points.


Photographs of Herbert from his days teaching at UW.





Fantastic Fiction

Periodical indecies by magazine:


Dune 7: Advent.

Dune Revenant.


The Pearls of Poitirin.

I, Scytale.


Eye. This book has a Dune tale in it by FH, A Walking Tour of Arrakeen.

Pretty much anything you ever wanted can be got here.

Virtual Library link to Erewhon, by Samuel Butler, which some credit as FH's inspiration for the notion of the Bulterian Jihad (this is still in print, but is in the public domain now):


Arrakis Awakening. Try this one first, as it seems to be pretty active.

The Butlerian Jihad. This one doesnt seem to be very active.

Dune RPG. Very detailed and through.

Dune PBEM: This one seems to be hopping.

Frank Herbert's Dune RPG, by Avalon Hill

Another Dune paper and dice RPG, based on the TWURPS system.

Web based archive of various Dune computer games.

Dune board game.

Dune Generations. I don't think this one ever made it to market.

Wikipedia summary of available PC games.


Great blog on the origins of Chakobsa.

Dune pronounciations

Islamic & Arabic themes in FH's work

Spinrad's take on Dune

Here is a link to the Frank Herbert archives] at UC Fullerton. This is not the website of the special collections library. Rather it is a listing of what is held by the library in the FH special collection.

Interesting amatuer analysis of Dune 7

College English class paper on Dune.

Another High School paper on Dune and Transcendentalism.

eNotes article about Dune. I think you have to pay for the bulk of this.

Superstring01's take on the Golden Path.

Web based thread about radical Islamism in Dune.

Touching article by Byron Merritt, about his grandfather and the safety-deposit boxes.

NNDB entry for FH.

Important Dune review by Nicholas Whyte.

Mostly non-fiction articles, plus Frank's one published (epic length) poem, Carthag, Reflections of a Martian Dream.

Other recordings by FH.

Dune FAQ

Vonda McIntyre's recollection of her friend, FH.

Odd Wicca site about the genesis of the names Teg and Twylyth.

NcNelly tribute site, with lots of links to info from the Dune Encyclopedia.

Dune v. Dune (Book vs. Movie).

This link is to the sales site for a Chakobsa Lanugage package. McNelly supposedly had something with this project.

McNelly's eulogy of Frank Herbert.

Web article on biology and sociology that mentions Herbert, and provides an interesting bibliography on its topic.

Online attempt to start up a virtual Sietch. This looks to be philanthropic in nature.

Dune parody.

Dune essays by the guy who wrote two long length fanfic pieces, Elixir and The Pearls of Poitrin.

List of film and gaming magazines with Dune film content. I don't see any book information here, though I suspect that there may be some interviews hidden here.

Fan essay on Fremen sexuality.

Non-Dune articles and essays by Frank Herbert.

Ansible article by Joesph Nichols recounting a story involving Frank Herbert and his love for wine.

Florence, Oregon local newspaper article with the details of Penny Merritt's bequest of Frank Herbert's personal library to the Florence Public Library. Here is a link to the library itself.

Dune Fan Film Petition. Please visit this site and sign this petition. In August, 2007 the HLP voted to send a cease and desist request to the citizens of Malaga, Spain. These people, all 150 of them are all Dune and FH fans, and have been working on a purely private film for the past 8 years. The film comprises the three novellas of Dune, and is approximately 8 hours in length. The trailer, while it lasted on You Tube, was very well done, especially for a fan effort. More information can be found here, and here. You may also find something useful here, but I can't bring myself to look there any longer.

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